You can bold and italicize WhatsApp messages

You can bold and italicize WhatsApp messages

The latest WhatsApp (2.12.535 - Android APK download link) gives you the ability to format text inside WhatsApp messages in bold and/or italics.
  • To bold a text, put asterisks/stars sign *between letter/words* to be bold. 
  • To italicize a text,  put the underscore sign _between the letter/words_ to be in italics
  • To have the words both in italics and bold, use *_between letter/words_*
  • To have a strikethrough words, use ~ tilde between letter/words ~
You and any person with the latest version of WhatsApp will be able to see the formatting on your devices. 

WhatsApp has also made some changes on document attachment. Now you will see an option to browse Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts to choose PDFs from your online storage, as well as  Docs and Sheets (not .doc .docx .xls or .xlsx) files from Google Drive, which will be converted to PDFs the sent.


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