Tanzania: A Fake Crisis in the Making

With every passing day, Tanzanians wait with bated breath, and some with apprehension, the arrival of September 1. That is the day the main opposition party, CHADEMA, has declared a day of nation-wide demonstrations against what it calls the dictatorial tendencies of the Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Government. The CCM Government has threatened to deal harshly with the demonstrators, who, on their part, have pledged to go ahead with the demonstrations.

The CCM Government is fabricating a crisis where none need exist. It is not fate that is unfolding, but sheer hubris on the part of the powers that be. If the CCM Government has any sense, all it has to do is respect the Tanzanian constitution and the political parties act, which together recognize the people's right to peacefully assemble and hold demonstrations. CHADEMA has stated, repeatedly, that they are organizing peaceful demonstrations.

In view of this declaration, repeated and amplified time and again, it is patently absurd and unconscionable for the CCM Government to resort to threats and intimidation, and to prepare for confronting with violence citizens who seek to exercise their fundamental rights. The CCM Government can go ahead with its evil schemes, but, eventually, justice will prevail, as it has always done everywhere, since time immemorial.

By Prof. J. Mbele via blog post.


  1. Wow what a KIMOMBO!!! from one of the hungry faces,,It could be because you are an English man that you didn't or don't understand the bases of this so called peaceful demonstrations,,,go and read it again but find someone to translate it for you,,,
    The bases of this demonstrations as stated/prounounced by the initiaters is to dawn Tanzanians about how their country is being governed if not ruled,, dictaterial or by a dictator forgeting that the so called dictator won elections in last October
    The rhetoric languages used by those hungry faces opposition leaders does systematically usher/call for violence,,,,,,If you were an American you might have voted for TRUMP hahh


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