Arsène Wenger on UEFA rulling that Eduardo Da Silva "deceived the referee"

I am in the opinion that, just like America's NBA games, TV reviews should also be implemented in the soccer pitch in order to help referees and lines men in judging and making correct decisions for some controvesial events that usually occur in the pitch.
And for Edo, stop watching too much Drogba or Liverpool players and many other European soccer players who are so good in faking injuries and falls. It is becoming a trend now. It's so common to hear  lots of 'mouthing' especially from the team coaches and see a lot of deceit from the players. When one succeeds in getting away with one such fake moves, it then becomes a habit.
IMHO, lets enjoy good healthy soccer with no cheating and bad mouthing.
Eduardo Da Silva faces a suspension after UEFA charged the Arsenal striker with 'deceiving the referee' during the Gunners' Champions League victory against Celtic on Wednesday. Gordon Smith, the chief executive of the Scottish FA, had said on Thursday that the Croatia international should be banned, a stance that UEFA president Michel Platini echoed.

Having studied video evidence of the incident in question, the UEFA disciplinary inspector decided to charge the player concerned.... The Uefa control and disciplinary body will examine the case on 1 September.
The charge is based on Article 10, paragraph 1c of the Uefa disciplinary regulations (misconduct of players) which states: "Players may be suspended for two competition matches, or for a specified period, for acting with the obvious intent to cause any match official to make an incorrect decision or supporting his error of judgment and thereby causing him to make an incorrect decision."
You can read more on this via this link: eduardo-uefa-charge-celtic-dive

Arsène Wenger