Free HPC Courses for UK researchers

NAG is pleased to announce four new High Performance Computing (HPC) courses free for UK researchers and running in the next few months.

Quad Core Training - In this 2 day course we discuss architecture its impact on performance, profiling tools and the use of mixed mode OpenMP/MPI programming and also briefly introduce the use of System V.

Parallel I/O - This course will present MPI-IO and the NetCDF and HDF5 libraries.

Best Practice in HPC Software Development - A course designed for those embarking on a major software development project. It is a five day course and covers hardware, compilers and optimization, tools, parallel I/O, testing and benchmarking code and portability and maintainability issues.

Core Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing - This course addresses computational linear algebra and optimization. We will develop a solid grounding in the mathematics of these algorithms; discuss the efficient implementation in standard libraries.

NAG provides CSE support for HECToR, the UK Supercomputing Service. You are eligible for training, for which there is no charge, if your work is covered by the remit of either EPSRC, BBSRC or NERC. We provide a regular schedule of courses that cover Fortran 95, general HPC topics, such as MPI and OpenMP, as well material specific to HECToR.

For further information and our current training schedule and locations please see: