These con people in Tanzania

So, today I just read a 3rd post in two weeks different people complaining about their dissatisfaction and frustrations with the way they have business with some people in Tanzania.
After reading the text in the captured image below, you can also read the comments and leave yours too via the following link: Charcoalink: why-it-is-better-for-people-to-think-you-are-dumb
Now, since we are so re-active (and it's absolutely just and right to react), I can't wait to see how this one turns out as well! LOL (idiot me). Have fun but seriously, something(s) in our country sucks and needs to change! I know somebody will say other countries to the same or even worse.... but huh? two wrongs.....? c'mon, you know better than that. Well, sick of Tanzania? Keep writing. I keep reading! LMAO! (me sick) keep them coming, here you go: