"wow" weblinks: Everything Twitter!

Do you have a smart phone? or a computer with internet connection? Do you do social networking? Do you tweet? Why?
Nowadays social networks connects have become a modern reunion tool for long time lost friends, distant relatives, strangers and even enemies. People connect with each other through these platforms for various reasons ranging from making friends online to running profitable businesses (and even on political campaigns).

Twitter is one of the multitude of social networks that are available for free today. It has gained an upper hand in the list with it's popularity and usage. Just like any other other social network, twitter provides a useful platform for people to have a place of their own where they can share and communicate events ranging from local news update to international breaking news across the globe. It has also proven itself to be a great communication channel for blog and website owners. It can be used to instantly update your status via a smart phone or a computer device that has an internet connection. It has become a place for breaking news and gathering information.

So, today in my continued list of "wow" weblinks, I will feature sites which can be used to make your experience with twitter, a much more fun and productive.

Collection of sites that will enhance your twitter experience:
  1. TwitChuck.com - allows you to easily check a Twitter user before you follow. 
  2. TweetBlocker.com  - another free resource for Twitter users and application developers. Using highly advanced filtering, to catalog and rank the top spammers on Twitter, allowing users to quickly and easily find spammers.
  3. UnTiny.com - or ExpandMyURL.com - These two sites will retrieve the URL so you can preview them and know what site is behind the link before visiting it.
  4. labs.creazy.net/Twignature - Create a gif image that can be used as a twitter signature for your email or blog.
  5. labs.creazy.net/TwitGIF - Generate a GIF Animation Image Badge From Your Tweets.
  6. Tweeteme.com - a service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter to determine which links are popular. TweetMeme is able to categorize these links into categories and subcategories, making it easy to filter out the noise to find what your interested in.
  7. Twitoaster.com - Twitoaster threads and archives your twitter conversations, bringing you all the background, context and statistics you need. It's all about improving & optimizing the way you communicate with your followers.
  8. ReTtweet chicklet  by Tweetmeme. Display a chicklet on your blog showing the count for the total number of tweets your blog has recieved in a week.
  9. Nutshellmail.com -  a free, web-based service developed to help you better access, manage, and monitor all your email and social networking accounts through your most commonly used inbox.
  10. TwtMailer.com - TwtMailer helps to avoid missing any @reply messages or direct messages & so keeps twitter conversations flowing smoothly.
  11. Retweet.com -  provides a retweet button to your blog/site.
  12. yFrog.com - Share your images and video on Twitter with yfrog.
  13. TwitPic.com -  TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter
  14. Swift.fm - upload up to 10MB of mp3 audio and share it with your followers on your Twitter account.
  15. TwitterFollowBadge - for your site/blog, can be installed almost on any site. Just customize it a bit and take the code. 
  16. You can also have the same service via Allblogtools.com/twitter-static-badge-generator-blogger which has a Twitter Static Badge Generator for Blogger/Blogspot. Instructions on what to do and how ti add it to your blog is explained thoroughly and pretty easy to implement as you would add any other HTML widget in your blog.
  17. TwitterMySite.com - You can add a Twitter button to your blog or website, and get people to follow you! You can customize the image with your twitter ID or any text you wish
  18. TwiIMG.com/ - Twiimg is a twitter to image generator and converter. Twiimg converts you tweets into an image that can be used in forum signatures, emails and on your websites. It auto updates and is especially useful in places that do not allow html code.
The grand list is avalialble on a post  titled "TheSocialMediaGuide.com.au - Twitter Tips: The Ultimate Guide" by MATTHEW TOMMASI

This post will continue to be updated as soon as new twitter enhancing plugins are developed.