A message from TylerPerry to his fans

I want to say a special thanks to all of you for the prayers for my mother. She is doing much better. I just spent the weekend laughing, reminiscing and being grateful to God. She is a strong woman.

Speaking of strong women, I don't know if you know this or not, but Whitney Houston and I are friends. Over the last few years, I've gotten to know her pretty well, and with that, I've had the opportunity to witness a miracle up close and personal. I've watched her regain her strength, her fight and her faith. You have no idea how much this woman has been through in her life and, as much as she's shared with me, I'm sure half of it has not been told. What I know for sure is; she is a living miracle. Pretty soon you will hear her tell these stories in her own words and then I think you'll understand. I'm sure you'll hear her tell it in the next two weeks as a matter of fact.

That being said, I'd like for you to pick up her new album, I LOOK TO YOU. It's available now, and is truly amazing. When you buy it online or in the stores, whisper a prayer for her. She is truly looking to you and to God for all her strength. And do me this favor, if you will, add her to your prayer list. Pray for her as she steps back into the spotlight, as she takes back all that belongs to her. Just because she's Whitney Houston doesn't mean that she doesn't need prayer, we all do. So, thank you for that. I know you will.

Now on to a bit of business, September 11th is when I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF hits theaters! I hope you're planning to go! If you need a good, hard laugh, this movie is going to give it to you. Plan to take the whole family just to get a little stress relief. I know some of you may need it, I know I do. I have never watched any of my movies over and over - but I have seen this one ten different times. I laugh and want to cry, but by the end of it I'm grateful every time.

Okay, last thing 'cause I know most of you are at work (SMILE). I'm thinking about doing a Talk Show… just once a week... that's it. So I did sort of a test to see if I can do it. It's going to air on September 9th, that's next Wednesday, on TBS at 11:00pm, after HOUSE OF PAYNE and new episodes of MEET THE BROWNS.

Pastor Marvin Winans, Gladys Knight, Adam Rodriguez and Taraji P. Henson are all my guests, with a special Mary J. Blige video. So next week check out the show. After you watch it, please go to my message board, if you're still up (LOL), and tell me what you think. Now be honest! Don't have me trying to do a Talk Show and it's terrible, (LOL). Tell me the truth. If I can count on anybody to keep it real with me, you know it's you…(SMILE). I hope you like it.

I'll let you go, but hey, are you following me on Twitter or Facebook? If not, just know that next week I'm taking you step-by-step through my week before I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF opens….so follow me!

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