AdSense tip: Allow and Block Google certified ad networks


If you are registered to display Googe Ads on your blog, you might have wanted to have some control over what ads should or shouldn't appear on your blog. In the past, bloggers and site owners could filter up to 200 URLS of advertising sites that seemed to yield low income or in some cases, displaying some unwelcoming words. Recently, Google AdSense added this allow and block feature so that you can control ad networks. To do so, you have to:

  1. Sign in to AdSense.
  2. Click the AdSense Setup tab to see a summary of allowed and blocked ad networks.
  3. Click change beside the summary.
  4. Choose whether to allow or block ad networks in the 'Allowed ad networks' box:
  5. Click block beside the ad networks you want to block. (To block all Google certified ad networks, click block all.)
  6. Click allow beside the ad networks you want to allow.
  7. Click Submit.
Note: Selecting the 'Block all' option only blocks ad networks currently certified by Google. It doesn't automatically block ad networks that are certified by Google in the future. To block all future Google certified ad networks as well, follow the1 - 7 steps described above and then:
  1. Select Automatically block new Google certified ad networks.
  2. Click Submit.
  • Changes should take effect within approximately an hour.
  • You can unblock a network at any time by clicking the allow link beside it in the 'Blocked ad networks' box.
  • You may miss out on additional revenue by not automatically allowing new ad networks as Google certifies them.
 All this information is readily available on Google's Help page, the AdSense section at: