Cluster Manager, Medicines Supply Management Programs - South Africa

The Cluster Manager, Medicines Supply Management Programs, is responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of results by supervising and providing technical guidance and support to members of the Medicines Supply Management cluster in the development and implementation of the Country Operational Plan (COP) work plans. The Cluster Manager, Medicines Supply Management Programs is part of the MSH/SPS South Africa project management team. She/he oversees the implementation of medicine management supply management activities at the National and/or provincial levels. Working closely with Senior Program Associates within the Medicines Supply Management cluster she/he provides technical assistance to apply MSH/SPS tools, coordinates data collection activities in support of operations research, conducts sector assessments and evaluations, organizes national and provincial workshops and trainings, and ensures the South African program is kept on target and is responsive to the Department of Health and USAID mission needs. The Cluster Manager, Supply Management Programs will be based at the MSH/SPS Pretoria office and reports to the Deputy Regional Technical Advisor.

1. Supervise Senior Program Associates within the Medicines Supply Management Programs. Supervisory responsibilities include but are not limited to: meeting with supervisees on a regular basis to discuss work plan implementation, track work progress, provide technical guidance and support, and ensure consistent quality of work performed; conducting Performance Plan, Reviews and Development; communicating, implementing and assuring adherence to MSH policies, guidelines and values; developing staff skills and knowledge; approving timesheets; and facilitating supervisee success whenever possible.
2. Develop and implement strategies to ensure that medicines supply management interventions, activities, and programs are developed and implemented with high technical quality and that associated products are timely delivered to clients
3. Contribute to the development of the COP and work plan and with monitoring progress against the COP and work plan, and with reporting requirements.
4. Provide on-the-ground monitoring and document progress towards achieving National and provincial results using performance indicators.
5. With direction from the Regional Technical Advisor and his deputy, liaise with the USAID mission to share information and ensure that the mission, collaborating agencies and other donor organizations are routinely informed about MSH/SPS activities.
6. Assist in identifying opportunities and coordinating MSH/SPS work with other international donor organizations on commodity management issues or other relevant areas.
7. Serve as an advocate and assist in identifying opportunities for and coordinating application of MSH/SPS tools and methods.
8. Provide technical oversight for all activities within the Medicines Supply Management Programs.
9. Assure timely submission of progress reports according to MSH/SPS and USAID requirements and the documentation and/or publication of MSH/SPS activities.
10. File travel expense reports regularly adhering to all USAID regulations and contractual requirements. Contribute to budget monitoring of South Africa country program activities as required in direct collaboration with the Regional Technical Advisor and his deputy.
11. Monitor expenditure within the Medicines Supply Management Programs against the budget and ensure that targets are met.
12. Support and contribute to any other relevant technical areas as agreed with the Regional Technical Advisor and the Deputy Technical Advisor and the local counterparts.
13. Serve on the MSH/SPS South Africa management committee.

1. Advanced degree in health, pharmaceutical sciences, or related field, or equivalent relevant experience.
2. Long standing experience in providing technical assistance to HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria programs in medicines supply management
3. Significant experience in providing technical assistance to promote National and Provincial levels technical competency in quantification, procurement, distribution, management information systems and other medicines management areas and promoting province-to-province collaborations.
4. Minimum of two years experience working at the level of Senior Program Associate or consultant to the Department of Health.
5. Strong computer and writing skills.
6. Availability to travel within South Africa as needed.
7. Willingness and ability to be flexible to program needs depending on changing priorities and deadlines.
8. Creativity and ability to apply innovative thinking and problem solving.
9. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to work as part of a team.
10. Experience providing training; experience setting up training programs and workshops preferred.
11. Demonstrate strong skills in operations research, technical quality, logistics, and organizational experience.

Application deadline: 16 October 2009 

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