Country Director with Visions in Action - Uganda

Visions in Action is an international NGO based in Washington DC, working in relief and development in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Liberia in the areas of education, HIV/AIDS and food security. During the past 20 years over 700 volunteers and staff have served for periods of 6-12 months in the areas of food security, education, human rights, communications, public health, microenterprise, social work and community development.

The Country Director will provide overall management of current projects and oversee the development of new initiatives in Uganda. 

Position is based in Gulu, Uganda, with frequent travel to Kitgum and Kampala. Should spend at least one week per month in Kampala networking with donors and other NGOs

- Five or more years of international development and relief program experience in Africa
- University degree required; Masters degree preferred.
- Knowledge of education programs, food security programs, HIV/AIDS programs and African development issues desired.
- Experience in humanitarian field logistics, administration, security and finances required.
- Previous experience researching, developing & writing program proposals preferred.
- Must have excellent communication skills and be willing to work in and travel to challenging rural environments, including war zones, to gather data and manage program operations.
- Must have a grassroots mindset, and be willing to accomplish program development objectives on a shoestring budget.

- Set strategic direction for relief and development programs in the areas of education, HIV/AIDS, public health and food security in Uganda
- Continue the management of the current HIV/AIDS VCT Program in Northern Uganda, and assure that monthly program targets are met. Secure donor funding so that the program continues.
- Manage relations with the government, especially the Ministries of Health and Education in Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum and Kampala, and the Ministry of Finance in Kampala
- Maintain relations with our major donors
- Establish and secure partnerships with Ugandan hospitals & clinics, Ugandan NGOs and international NGOs working in HIV/AIDS, so that we may provide technical assistance to their programs in the areas of IEC and VCT. Pursue new programs that make the most of the strengths of various partners.
- Search for new program opportunities, and write new proposals in the HIV/AIDS, Education, Food Security sectors with guidance from the Director
- Improve the current Classic Volunteer Program, assuring that orientations and volunteer placements are tightly managed, that all program objectives are met, and that volunteers are satisfied with program administration

Staff Management:
- Hire and oversee local staff and international volunteers in the areas of education, HIV/AIDS, and operations
- Evaluate the performance of all the 50 local staff, and recommend needed staff changes
- Manage and coordinate staff in the areas of education, agriculture, HIV/AIDS, and public health
- Supervise and coordinate closely with the Finance Officer on financial issues, the Administrator on administrative issues, and Logistics Officer on logistics issues.
- Assure that program targets are being met on schedule
- Manage and support international volunteers to assure they are productively engaged.
Government Relations:
- Obtain approval of the new VIA terms of reference by the NGO Board in Kampala and approval of duty free status at the Ministry of Finance.

Vehicles & Transport:
- Manage the vehicle fleet, including vehicles and motorcycles.
- Manage a regular service schedule for all vehicles and motorbikes.
- Analyze vehicle use and fuel consumption and issue a report each month.
- Approve reasonable vehicle repairs as needed within the budget and according to guidelines.
- Assure correct training & supervision of drivers and logistics assistants by the logisticians.
- Track all movement of goods and supplies throughout the country with waybills. Keep accurate waybill records.

Facility Management:
- Assure that the logistics staff manage and service the generators to assure continuous electrical supply to the offices and guest houses.
- Assure that there is running water at all times in the offices and guest houses. Supervise routine maintenance of the compounds.
- Work with the logisticians to maintain offices and guest houses, including procuring furniture & supplies, and maintaining all office equipment (computers, printers, etc) as needed.

Finances and Reporting:
- Assure that budgets are being met and supplies and equipment is purchased within the approved budget.
- Assure compliance with USG finance and procurement standards. Keep a running Assets Register of all program assets.
- Create and submit required financial and programmatic reports monthly.

- Salary will be determined according to experience, organizational policies, and grant guidelines.
- Basic medical insurance
- emergency evacuation insurance,
- shared housing provided in the VIA guest houses in Gulu, Kitgum and Kampala,
- use of vehicle,
- roundtrip transportation to Uganda will also be provided

How to apply:
Please send cover letter, CV, and list of three references to [email protected]
Application deadline: 20 October 2009
Applications will be reviewed until position is filled. Early submission is highly encouraged.