Job opp: Civic and Voter Education Specialist with IFES, Uganda

IFES has implemented successful civic and voter education programs in Uganda, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, DRC, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Burundi. IFES is currently seeking a Civic and Voter Education Specialist for a proposed project based in Kampala, Uganda to increase voter awareness ahead of the 2011 elections. All resumes/CVs must provide a detailed description of related activities and highlight Africa regional experience.

Job Responsibilities:
This field-based position, under the supervision of IFES/Washington, includes on-site development and implementation of IFES's technical assistance program of providing civic and voter education in Uganda. This includes advisory work in:
  1. Technical support and daily coordination with the Ugandan Electoral Commission's (UEC) Voter Education Department.
  2. Coordination with representatives of local media outlets to promote educational and public awareness campaigns.
  3. Management of activities to promote civic and voter education efforts with local civil society organizations.
  4. Representing IFES in country as the on-site coordinator of programming with local and international actors and maintaining contacts with both governmental and non-governmental leaders, the Department of State, and the international donor community.
  5. Additional project duties include responsibility for all field-based accounting and reporting requirements.
The incumbent is required to have a master's degree in International Relations, Public Policy, or related field with a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience; or a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 7 years of relevant experience. International experience required with African regional experience preferred. Incumbent must be a dynamic leader, adaptable, and a team player who demonstrates patience and leadership under challenging conditions. In addition, the incumbent is required to have the following technical expertise: experience in developing voter education materials; ability to work with various forms of local media; demonstrated knowledge of the development and management of media centers to promote public awareness; ability to facilitate training sessions with diverse groups of stakeholders and recipients; experience in implementing USAID multi-lateral regulations and financial reporting requirements; and excellent oral and written communication skills.

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Application deadline is 09 October 2009