Loliondogate 2 has become a police project (Tanzania)

Communities are still suffering, violation of human rights is still going on, Maasai 'bomas' and houses are still burning, sticking of innocent people, communities began to become poorer because of the loss of their livestock/cattle due to lack of water and pasture, the woman who was raped, and her husband are worried of their lives, this is because they have been told by the government people to never testify if they want to survive. Two days ago, the woman refused to tell me anything, saying “tung’wayioki mayieu madamu, kayiew altau lai, emeekure akata ayie oltungani laitadamu, netero orkiyioi (Maasai)", Niache sitaki kukumbuka, nataka niishi, sitaki mtu yoyote tena aniulise', akaanza kulia (Swahili)” (“leave me alone, I don’t want to remember, I need to survive, I don’t need any person to asked me ever,” then she started crying).
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