Needed: Team Leader/Experts with FCG - Namibia

Company: Finnish Consulting Group (FCG) International Ltd
The projects will be located in Namibia

Commencement date & Period of implementation
The intended commencement date is early next year.

FCG International is currently implementing a project -Technical assistance support to the National Planning Commission Secretariat- and now looking for experts for the next phase of the project - Support to the National Planning Commission Secretariat - Capacity Development Programme with following profiles/requirements.

Team Leader/Experts
with experience in
- sub Saharan Africa
- Capacity building

In addition we are looking for experts for the other projects in Namibia.

Support to the Government of the Republic of Namibia in the preparation of a Rural Development Sector Programme
- expertise in sector programmes, rural development/agriculture, public finance management, and institution and capacity building.

Strengthening of the NAO function
The contract aims at strengthening the NAO function by making available staff to deal with Contracts, Finance and Procurement, liaise with implementing partners, visit project sites, review progress against objectives and produce monitoring reports to be used by the NPCS to take informed decisions.

Support to Performance Management System
The contract provides a technical assistance team (TAT) to provide services regarding Performance Management System to the Performance Management Unit (to be created) within the Department Public Service Management at the Office of the Prime Minister which aims to improve the individual, organizational and institutional capacity of the public sector in Namibia.

Application time ends 01.12.2009 

Contact person:
Ms. Milla Toivonen
Email milla.toivonen a
Tel. +358 10 409 4555

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