REQUIRED: Website and Magazine Agents and Contents Managers

This blog extends many thanks to for sharing with us and blog readers various job opportunities that cater for the people in East Africa.
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Thank you management! the No1 Eastern Africa directory, events and classifieds listing website and magazine in UK is expanding services to Eastern Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somali, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia. To achieve this, we urgently require local agents to help in data capture, entry and management. This great opportunity enables creative persons to establish and manage their own businesses using Mojatu platform. seeks to give opportunities to diligent, industrious and highly motivated individuals who are committed to bettering their lives opportunities and to achieving their dreams by:

  1. Offering you an opportunity to run your own business
  2. Providing Mojatu magazines and business cards
  3. Sourcing Mojatu magazine and website contents - adverts, news, photos, videos etc
  4. Free training opportunities in business, computing and other skills training

Steps of become a Mojatu agent:

  1. Complete Agents Application Form at
  2. Upon confirmation or application receipt, sign in as a member of Mojatu at
  3. Get a Receive Mojatu Agents Reference Number
  4. Order your business packs: (See Local Rates for rates in your local currency)
    1. Starter pack: 20 magazines and 100 business cards at £5
    2. 20 Mojatu magazines - £2.50
    3. Business cards - £2.50 for 100 cards 

    Benefits of Mojatu agent

    1. Keep all the monies you make from selling Mojatu magazines (selling price is £0.125 and recommended selling price is £0.25) 100% profit per magazine!
    2. 30% commission of all paid adverts – banners, featured, recommended, or magazine adverts as per the advertising costs and types listed.
    3. £10.00 for every 1,000 clicks for directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc that you upload onto associated to your account.
    4. Free magazine (You can sell for £0.25) for every 10 entries that you add – directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc
    5. Charge advertisers for data entry and keep all the monies you make for directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc entries you carry out on behalf of individuals and organisations.
    6. Free Training in business, marketing, IT, management, contents sourcing, online services among others offered by Skills Venture of UK. {Courses run on monthly basis and we offer transport, accommodation and meals for the period of the courses to all attendees}
    Start earning that extra income and develop your business acumen with basic at your free time. Apply today by completing the Agents Application Form.