Swahili gains gear, welcome to the "Kutano" social media

makes it possible to discover and connect with others on Twitter through the webpages you browse. Alongside each webpage, read and respond to tweets and discussions about that page.

keeps a window open into the Twitterverse as you browse.
On each webpage you visit, discover...
...who tweeted about the page
...what they said about the page
...how popular the page is on Twitter
...which other pages on the website are being actively tweeted about by switching to the "Website" tab

makes it easy to instantly connect with other Twitter users interested in the same websites you are.
Directly from the webpage, instantly...
[email protected] to anyone
...start following someone who interests you
...retweet interesting tweets
...view someone's profile to find out more about them

helps you build up your connections and followings...
With discussions you can...
...engage multiple people simultaneously in easy-to-follow discussions directly on the webpage being discussed
...say more (&140) and in greater depth than Twitter allows
...leave your mark on websites for existing and potentially new followers to find

Read more about Kutano at: kutano.com