Team Leader with Particip GmbH -Tanzania

Based in Dar es Salaam, the Team Leader shall have the responsibility of coordinating all project's activities, field research and data collection. He/she will supervise the draft of all reports, Identification and Action Fiches, call for proposal for NSAs and Sustainability Assessment. He/she will supervise the facilitation of workshops and seminars. All key and non-key experts will report to him/her and he/she will ensure correct debriefing after activities. He/she will hire and manage support staff as required. He/she will ensure first level administrative control of the project's expenses and will eventually elaborate minutes and reports for the Contractor. He/she will work full time on the project. 

Qualifications and skills
• Academic background as agronomist or economist or equivalent.
• 10 years project management experience.
• Fluency in written and spoken English is essential. Speaking and reading Kiswahili is an asset.
• Excellent drafting, analytical and communication skills.
• Excellent team-leading abilities.
• Computer literate.
General professional experience
• Ideally 10 years of relevant experience in project management
• Preferably at least two years of working experience related to agriculture project management in African countries.
• Relevant experience in conducting economic feasibility studies will be an asset.
• Relevant experience in East African countries is an asset.
Specific professional experience
• Relevant experience in EDF procedures.
• Knowledge of Value Chain Approach and Sub-sector mapping tools.
• Deep understanding of in-country and international trade dynamics.

Attachment: ToR.doc

Apply by: 30 November 2009 
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