The Chevening Scholarships Programme worldwide

Chevening scholarships are prestigious awards and highly sought after by people from all over the world who want to make a difference. There are over 17,000 applications for about 1000 awards in 2009/10. A typical successful applicant is:
  • A graduate with the personal, intellectual and interpersonal qualities necessary for leadership. These include:
-       influencing and communications skills, leadership track record, networking ability, ambition, plans for the future
-       intelligence, academic potential, drive, self management, strength of character, integrity, interests outside work
  • Motivated to make a career that will take them to positions of leadership in their own country within 10 years of their scholarship
  • Committed to networking to find global solutions
  • Able to use their studies and experience in the UK to benefit themselves, their countries and the UK
Applicants must:
  • Have good English Language skills and an IELTS score of 6.5 (or its equivalent) for admission to postgraduate courses
  • Meet the academic requirements for their courses of study
How to Apply
Details about all countries where the Chevening Scholarships scheme operates can be found here.

Prospective scholars applying for Chevening scholarships for 2010/11 will need to apply on-line here: E-Chevening. Remember though that you should first read your country page to see if there is any country specific information relevant to your application. Those pages will give you information about application dates for example.

Any follow up questions should be directed to your local British Council Office.

The links to all country pages should be below. A technical problem means you will have to type the following URL with the letter that corresponds to your country name at the end, e.g applicants from India or Indonesia etc should go to

Further Scholarship Information and Application at: