VIDEO: Toxic waste in Ivory Coast : Trafigura knew of the dangers - BBC unveils

A woman whose face is covered in lesions in Abidjan (September 2008)
Thousands of people say they were victims of the waste

It is my hope that my Tanzania is taking note of this so that it doesn't happen in our country.

BBC Newsnight has uncovered evidence revealing that oil-trading company Trafigura knew that waste dumped in Ivory Coast in 2006 was hazardous. Trafigura had persistently denied that the waste was harmful but internal e-mails show staff knew it was hazardous.

READ THE TRAFIGURA EMAILS The files in full[7.7MB]

This is as cheap as anyone can imagine and should make serious dollars.... read Trafigura's response

On Wednesday, Newsnight learned that Trafigura has offered to pay damages to settle a class action brought on behalf of 31,000 who said they were injured.

The news of the settlement came as a UN report on claims that people had fallen sick or died as a result of the dump was published.
  1. How, when and where did the story began?
  2. Which routes did the toxic waste took?
  3. What is going on now?
To answer all these questions, watch the three videos below.
Alternatively, you may read the text of the news report on the BBC's website via:

The videos.
Video 1 from the BBC

Video 2 from the BBC

Here is a video explaining similar catastrophe
Video 3 on YouTube by AlJazeera