BEWARE! Spam has gained access onto Facebook!

I just happened to find that three of my friends have similar update statuses, and all of them point to one website that sells stuff related to weight loss, in fact, two of those three need to gain, instead of, loose weight, so I didn't see a logic behind them advertising for such a product. The third is a Medical Doctor who does not advocate the use of weight loss pills. It seems like Facebook was (is) under attack and some people's profile are being updated with spam messages by attackers, without them knowing what's going on. Unfortunately, some friends of those people are replying to these kinds of messages.

What I suggest?
Well, for those of you who have Facebook profiles,
  1. I urge you to visit your profiles regularly and make sure what's up there is actually what you wrote.
  2. I suggest you make sure you remove all sensitive information from your Facebook such as your real date of birth, physical address, telephone number, email etc. Someone can steal your photo and credentials and use them for illegal purposes. Worst case scenario, you might end up in a court of law fighting and defending your own ID, just to prove that the stolen information belongs to you and not the hacker.
  3. Check your status, check your notes, your links and blog, if you find anything on your profile that you didn't authenticate, you can hover your mouse at the end of the first sentence of that update, and a 'Remove' button will pop up, just click on it and the message/post/status will be deleted.
  4. Check your photos and videos, if you are tagged somewhere you don't want to be, you can un-tag. To un-tag yourself from a tagged photo or video, just find where your name is listed in that photo or video, and click on the word that reads, 'remove tag'. This is important because, if for some reason you find yourself tagged by somebody who allows friends and everybody else to see your photos and profile, those people, whom you don't know but are actually a friend-of your friend-of  a friend-of another friend ===>> could potentially be an attacker (or hacker, whatever name you want to call them).
Pray all you can, tell what, just like there is day and night, hackers and spammers won't just stop as long as there is internet. Not today, not tomorrow and not in the near future either, I may go further to even assume that this could be an industry, a job and work place for some people to earn a living and lead a life! Spammers don't care, they are just like a thief who breaks into your house to steal and/or harm you. If they cared, they would've not done it in the first place.

Alright now, some of you will understand why some of us don't use our "Real Names" and why we limit our "personal information" in these social network sites. It's for personal protection! We learned it from others' experiences or from our own bad past events, and it's not fun - can't let the same mistake repeat itself!

Go catch them and clean them good. Happy Facebooking and Tweeting!