Call for Fellowships - “Young” African Scientists

October 1, 2009
CPN Africa

The Contact Point Network to attract Young African Scientists to participate in EU-funded Research Programmes on Poverty Related Diseases (CPN – YAS – PRD) [An FP6 funded project]

Coordinator: Fobang Foundation: Prof. Wilfred F. Mbacham, 01 Fobang Building, 14 Missionary Road, Simbok 3, Biyem-Assi Yaounde, P.O Box 8094,  Yaounde, Cameroon, Tel/Fax: +237 2019778; Mobile: +237 7579180; Email: [email protected], [email protected]

CPN‐Africa hereby wishes to inform all eligible “Young” African Scientists about the FP7‐Africa‐2010 Call topics that were proposed by Africans and are directed mainly towards Africa’s research needs in the areas of Health, Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology. The deadline for this Call is the 14th of January, 2010. In view of getting European partners with whom to collaborate in the writing and implementation of their projects, CPN‐Africa is offering fellowships to eligible “Young” African Scientists to sponsor a 4‐week trip to Europe to search for and find European partners with whom to write up and submit a project related to this call.

More information on this call can be found on the CORDIS website of the European Commission, and some institutions searching for partners are also presented in the CIRCA website under the link:

In an attempt to give the YAS a better understanding of the FP7, its calls, to help in the writing of project proposals and in partner search, CPN‐Africa will be organising a series of regional Information Days and workshops within the months of October and November 2009 with the possibility of sponsorship. These will increase the chances of YAS to compete for the EU grants.

Applications should include an updated curriculum vitae, a project proposal and partnership with a European research group. The deadline for applications for these travel grants is October 30th, 2009.
The selection will take place during the upcoming MIM Malaria Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, and the
results published on 6th of November, 2009.

Applications should be forwarded to the following respective Regional Contact Points:

Western and Central African Region
Mr. Akindeh NJI
Email: [email protected]

Eastern African Region
Dr. Steven Kiwuwa
Email: [email protected]

Southern African Region
Dr. Emmanuel Kafwembe
Email: [email protected]

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Project Partners:Austria:Büro für Europäische Programme - Dr. Wolfram Rieneck - E-mail: wolfram.rienec[email protected]; Estonia: Archimedes Foundation, Meelis Kadaja, E-mail
[email protected], Germany: PT-DLR – Nationale Kontaktstelle, Lebenswissenschaften, Dr. Sabine Steiner-Lange, Dr. Anne Pflug, E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]:
RCP in West & Central Africa, Prof. Wilfred F. Mbacham; RCP in Eastern Africa; Dr. Steven Mpungu Kiwuwa, Makerere University Faculty of Medicine, Kampala, Uganda, E-mail:
[email protected], Homepage:; RCP in Southern Africa, Dr. Emmanuel M. Kafwembe, Tropical Diseases Research Center (TDRC), Ndola, Zambia, E-mail:,
[email protected], Homepage:; LCPs in Western and Central Africa; Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria: LCPs in Eastern Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan; LCPs in Southern
Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe