Commonwealth Scholarships: Fellowships for mid-career academics for developing countries

The Commission supports mid-career academics from developing countries to spend periods of up to six months in a UK academic institution. These awards are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).
In most cases, nominations are made through specific developing country universities, who are responsible for advertising the awards. In the case of Bangladesh and India, they are made by the Universities Grants Committee of the country concerned. Sri Lanka nominates through the Ministry of Education and Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission. Each year, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission writes to each institution asking for a specific number of nominations to be sent to it by December 31st. Each institution is responsible for its own selection process, and in most cases will set a deadline date in the months preceding this. All applications should be made through a candidate's employing institution (or through the institutions listed in the case of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and you are advised to check with them before submitting an application to them in case they have eligibility criteria additional to the Commission’s own criteria or any specific advice on how to make an application.
Click here to see the list of Developing Commonwealth Universities/Institutions invited to nominate for Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowships in 2010 (PDF 107 KB)
Approximately 60-70 Fellowships are awarded each year.
Terms and Conditions and Eligibility
Full details of the terms and conditions of Commonwealth Fellowships are included in the Prospectus (please note in particular the eligibility criteria):
Click here for a Prospectus 2010 (PDF 261 KB)

Please note that there are additional requirements for awards involving Clinical training in Medicine and Dentistry.

Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria:
• Academic merit of the candidate
• The quality of the proposal
• The likely impact of the work on the development of the candidate’s home country
For more details please see: Selection Criteria 2010 (PDF 109 KB)

Before making your application you are advised to have a look at the recently published DFID White Paper ‘Building our Common Future’ which can be viewed on the DFID Website at:

Making an Application
Once you have confirmed eligibility and application procedure with the appropriate nominating Institution and if instructed by them, please make an application through our Electronic Application System to be submitted to the Nominating Institution as directed.