FREE ONLINE COURSE: Fundamentals of Social Filmmaking (12 weeks)

The course is offered completely online and is free of charge. Corse organizers use a web based virtual class room and deliver teaching materials, tutorials and assignments via that. Video conferencing can also be used if needed. This course does not lead to any academic degree or students do not get any credits which they can transfer into their university degree. However, upon successful completion of this course they will get acquainted with the fundamentals of social film making and, in particular,  its use for social transformation. All successful students will also receive a certificate of completion.

Important Dates
  • Application Deadline: 01.08.2009 - 31.10.2009 (late applications will not be entertained.)
  • Notification of Selection and further information: 10 - 20 December 2009 (All applicants will be notified by email)
  • Training Period: 02.02.2010 - 31.03.2010

An applicant's guide
Application form (word format)
Application form (pdf format)

Course Contens

Week 1
- Learning agreement 
- Study Guide
- How the course is delivered, roles and responsibilities of participants  

Week 2 and 3  
What is social filmmaking?
The use of Films and Videos for social purposes,
Case studies from different countries 

Week 4 and 5:
Script writing, why and how? Where do ideas come from?
Good scripts and lousy scripts, language and its use,ethical considerations
Academic English, words and their selection 
A project work on script writing.

Week 6 and 7:
Video/Film shooting and Editing, what to choose: film or video? 
Technology and recent developments. How to find the audience for your work?
Short films and social impact

Week 8 and 9
Basic Introduction to video editing programmes, how to edit images?
Consumer, prosumer and professional standpoints
Ideas or technology: what is more important? 
Week 10,11,12 
Final project work: a short film/documentary (5-30 mins) or an alternative written work.

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