Mafua ya nguruwe yaua mmoja Manyara, Tanzania

Habari imenukuliwa kutoka gazeti la Nation - Kenya
Swine flu claims first victim in Tanzania

Swine flu, first reported in Tanzania hardly three months ago, has claimed its first victim.
The first death was confirmed in Mbulu District, Manyara region where at least 35 people have tested positive to H1N1. The district medical officer, Dr Anael Palangyo, told the Nation on Sunday that the victim was one of those who had tested positive to the disease. She was identified as Ms Elizabeth Passi, a primary school teacher in Mbulu township. Ms Passi died on Thursday at the hospital there.

Dr Palangyo said the deceased was among several swine flu victims who had been admitted to the district hospital. He stated that although several patients were treated and discharged, Ms Passi’s situation deteriorated leading to her death. “This could be the first confirmed death from a swine flu case in the country,” Dr Palangyo said over the telephone from Mbulu. He could not rule out the possibility of the situation worsening because there were already 167 other people in the area suspected to have been infected with the virus.