NEEDED: Authors in a partnership for writing School Textbooks

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We would like to inform you that TIE is currently planning to engage private authors in a partnership for writing school textbooks on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the authors and the Institute.

The purpose of this letter is to humbly request you to convey this information to potential textbook writers of outstanding academic and professional competence in your institution so that they may personally communicate to us on this matter. We expect them to indicate the subjects and education levels for which they would prefer to write textbooks. A list of subjects and education levels is trended to this letter.

Interested individuals are encouraged to communicate to the Director, preferably by 30/03/2009 through the following contacts:
The Director
Tanzania Institute of Education P.O. Box 35094 Dar es Salaam Fax: + 255-22-2"4420 Tel.:+ 255-22-2775087 Mobile phone: - 255-(0)754- 270 765 E-mail:
Thanking you in advance.             

Yours truly,             
Dr. P.S.D. Mushi

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Director ICT
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Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE)

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1.              Pre-Primary School Subjects
Vitendo vya masomo ya/Subject learning activities on:
(i) Kiswahili;
(ii) English;
(iii) Hisabati;
(iv) Sayansi.
(v) Haiba na Michezo;
(vi) Sanaa.

2.              Primary School Subjects
ii) Kiswahili:
(ii) Hisabati:
(iii) English language:
(iv) Haiba na Michezo:
(vi) French language;
(vii) Sayansi;
(viii) Jografia;
(ix) Historia;
(x) Uraia;
(xi) Stadi za Kazi.

3.              Secondary School (O-level) Subjects
(i) Mathematics;
(ii) English;
(iii) French;
(iv) Kiswahili:
(v) Chemistrv;
(vi) Biology
(vii) Physics:
(viii) History;
(ix) Geography:
(x) Civics:
(xi) Fine Arts and crafts:
(xii) Music;
(xiii) Theatre Arts;
(xiv) Information and Computer Studies;
(xv) Commerce:
(xvi) Book Keeping;
(xvii) Home Economics;
(xviii) Agriculture;
(xix) Additional Mathematics;
(xx) Physical Education and Sports.

4. Secondary (A-Level) Subjects

(a) Languages
(i) English;
(ii) French;
(iii) Kiswahili;
(iv) Arabic.

(b) Natural Science and Mathematics
(i) Advanced Mathematics
(ii) Chemistry;
(iii) Biology;
(iv) Physics:
(v) Food and Human Nutrition;
(vi) Agriculture:
(vii) Computer Science.
(viii) Basic Applied Mathematics;
(ix) Information and Computer Studies.

(c) Social Sciences
(i) History;
(ii) Geography;
(iii) General Studies.

(d) Vocational Studies
(i) Textile technology and Clothing:
(ii) Home Management.

(e) Aesthetics and Physical Education
(i) Music;
(ii) Fine Arts and Crafts;
(iii) Physical Education;
(iv) Theatre Arts.

(f) Business Studies
(i) Economics;
(ii) Accountancy;
(iii) Commerce.

(g) Religious Studies
(i) Divinity;
(ii) Islamic Studies.

5. Teacher Education Certificate Level

5.1 Kozi ya Ualimu Elimu ya Msingi Ngazi ya Cheti

(a)              Somo la Ualimu- Elimu ya Msingi
(i) Communication skills;
(ii) Vielelezo na Teknolojia;
(iii) Ualimu;
(iv) Sayansi ;
(v) Haiba na Michezo
(vi) English'
(vii) Kiswahili:
(viii) Hisabati
(ix) Stadi za Kazi:
(xi) French;
(xii) ICT;
(xiii) Uraia;
(xiv) Jografia;
(xv) Historia.

(b)              Somo la Ualimu Elimu ya Awali
(i) Vitendo vya Sanaa;
(ii) Vitendo vya Hisabati;
(iii) Vitendo vya Kiswahili;
(iv) Vitendo vya sayansi;
(v) English Language Learning Activities:
(vi) Vitendo vya French Ufundishaji.

(c) Kozi ya Ualimu- Elimu ya Michezo
(i) Afya, Usalama na Kinga katika Michezo
(ii) Usimamizi na Uandaaji wa Michezo.
(iii) Michezo.

6. Teacher Education Diploma Level

(a)              Educational Studies Subjects
(i) Curriculum and Teaching;
(ii) Foundation of Education:
(iii) Educational Research. Measurement and Evaluation:
(iv) Psychology. Guidance and Counseling.

(b)              Academic and Pedagogy Subjects
(i) Mathematics;
(ii) English;
(iii) French;
(iv) Kiswahili;
(v) Chemistry;
(vi) Biology;
(vii) Physics;
(viii) History;
(ix) Geography;
(x) Information and Computer Studies:
(xi) Media and technology
(xii) Information and Communication Technology;
(xiii) Communication Skills:
(xiv) Development Studies:
(xv) Civics.

Dr. P.S.D. Mushi
Director Tanzania Institute of Education

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