NOTICE: This blog has moved! Blogu imehama!

Napenda kuwataarifu kuwa blogu hii inapumzishwa rasmi na tovuti mpya imezaliwa kwa jina

This is to inform you that this blog has been retired. A new website to take her place is up and running at

Asante kwa ushirikiano!
 Thank you for your kind support!

Ungana nasi katika wavuti!
Join us at wavuti!


The archives and every content of this blog including this blog itself will remain here! As it was in 2007 when this blog went dormant (read below) it will, this time again, be so. I may have to revert to it if needed. This blog has not been suspended by google nor blogger and that's why it is still existing and it will NEVER die (it will just retire). So please keep coming back here if there is anything useful you need. I will not take it off air or re-direct. As for, it has been re-directed because of the reasons explained below (continue reading).

This time around I wanted to advance, expand, explore new horizons and learn something new. I needed more pages and also wanted to combine my and which I could not seamlessly do so since the two sites were being hosted by two different (rival) giant companies (Microsoft and Google) had to use frames to have nukta77.blogspot inside That didn't work out well in terms of indexing, traffic and updating.

The, that was hosted by Microsoft's Officelive Smallbusiness for FREE (just like this blog hosted on blogger/google for free) but, Officelive have decided to remove the 'free' domain name registration and as of next year, those having their websites hosted for free at Officelive will have to start paying for their domain names, short of that, the name will be released to public and could be lost to anybody who can buy it. I have decided that I do not want to keep nukta77 because I needed a name that was simple, easy to pronounce and remember, therefore I came up with the name 'wavuti'. I have it registered and I intend to keep it.
You are mostly welcome to visit for scholarships, jobs, other opportunities and habari (news).