Postdoctoral Position in systems biology of human metabolism

The Center of Systems Biology, University of Iceland (, CSB UoI), is looking to recruit a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join a growing effort focusing on systems biology of human metabolism. The research at the CSB UoI focuses on 1) human metabolism and 2) industrial biotechnology. The Center is an interdisciplinary center with the Schools of Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences participating.

The CSB UoI aims to characterize human disease using a systems biology approach. This research effort focuses on 1) expanding the currently available human metabolic reconstruction, 2) discovery of new functions and pathways in human metabolism using computational and experimental techniques, 3) phenotyping of human cell lines using metabolomic techniques, 4) computational and experimental analysis of metabolic changes associated with disease, and 5) high-throughput drug screening. We use the state-of-the-art computational methods to guide and design human cell culturing experiments as well as metabolomic measurements. These technologies are embedded in a biologically driven research program that aims at systematic understanding of human metabolism, disease manifestation and drug target identification.

The successful candidate will be expected to work on expanding the human metabolic reconstruction and lead the computational gap filling effort. The postholder will also mine databases and genomic information, participate in protein annotation of this human metabolism project and will be expected to provide curation and quality control for the protein functional annotation framework. In addition, the postholder will be part of a team to develop quantitative tools required to expand mass spectrometry capabilities and integrative bioinformatics at the CSB UoI.

The ideal candidate will hold a PhD in Bioinformatics or related field and have a strong background in biology as well as computational modelling. All projects at the CSB UoI are interdisciplinary; therefore, a strong motivation to collaborate with experimental groups is required. Programming skills and knowledge of computational methods used in systems biology are required. Knowledge of human metabolism and drug metabolism will be advantage. Individuals with backgrounds in metabolic network reconstruction or metabolic engineering are especially encouraged to apply. Furthermore, the candidate must be fluent in English. Additionally, the candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be capable of working within a team of biologists and programmers.

The position is available immediately. Please send a cover letter, a brief description of research experience and interests, a curriculum vitae and contact information for three references in pdf file form to Professor Ines Thiele ( [email protected] ). All applications will be answered and applicants will be informed about the appointment when a decision has been made. Salary for the positions will be according to collective wage and salary agreement. Appointments to the University of Iceland do take into account the Equal Rights Project of the University of Iceland.