Project Coordinator - Dutch Foundation registered in Tanzania

End of Poverty Foundation is seeking a Project Coordinator to lead the next phase of the multiyear integrated Mtakuja Development Project, in Mtakuja village, 15km south of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania.

The ideal candidate will have proven project management experience, managing complex assignments and networks of highly heterogeneous stakeholders. The candidate needs to show an appreciation and understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the development of the community at Mtakuja, including the village community and the management of a local partnering commercial enterprise. The candidate will have to have a genuine interest in working with the people of Mtakuja and be highly motivated to encourage, inspire and enable the community to successfully leverage the opportunities that have and will arise as a result of the project interventions.

Experience working in Tanzania and/or elsewhere in Sub-Sahara Africa is a definite benefit, as is a working knowledge of Swahili. An affinity with one or more of the project focus areas in income generation, agriculture/irrigation, education or health is also a benefit.

The approach to the Mtakuja Development Project is driven by a desire to reach concrete and measurable goals and while compassionate in nature, the approach is characterized by a disciplined business-like vision.

Job Responsibilities
Project Planning & Implementation
- Manage day-to-day activities of project implementation.
- Locally represent the NGO to all outsiders, including local and national government agencies.
- Develop annual plan of activities and continuously reevaluate long term implementation plan.
- Ascertain optimal community involvement and participation in project activities by all target beneficiary groups.
- Manage for sustainability through the proper identification of training needs, implementing training programs, capacity building and ascertaining financial viability of project interventions.
- Manage, maintain and grow network of stakeholders and project partners meeting the needs for external experts and expertise, resources, capacity and project funding.

Budget Management
- Manage, monitor and report local project expenses and spending in close partnership with financial management in Holland.
- Develop annual project implementation budget.
- Identify and access local/national funding sources.
- Seek to implement interventions and solutions that are effective and financially sound.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
- Monitor and evaluate all services provided by third parties.
- Evaluate impact and progress of individual interventions and programs as well as overall project progress against established performance indicators.
- Report to Board on a monthly basis.
- Informally report to Board on a “as needed basis” in between formal reports at month’s end.

Other Info
- Salary is negotiable and dependent on experience.
- Housing near the site and a vehicle will be provided.
- Health insurance is provided for employee and dependents.

About FD Kilimanjaro and the Mtakuja Development Project

The project is a partnership between Mtakuja village and the Dutch NGO FD Kilimanjaro with the aim to eradicate poverty from the community of Mtakuja. The project lifespan is expected to be five years (2008-2013). The project outcomes will have to be sustainable and benefit everybody in the community, men, women, young, old, orphans, farmers, pastoralists, landless people, the sick and disabled.
To enable the community to break out of poverty, we seek to dramatically increase agricultural production through the introduction of irrigated farming. The development of an irrigation scheme is considered critical to enable the community to increase production and sustainably increase income through agriculture activity, which in turn is expected to jump start a range of other income generating activities and business ventures.

Other project interventions include the introduction of a livestock management program, farmer training, organizational capacity building, a community based savings and lending program, education and health programs and many others.

How to apply
Send cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Closing date: 15 Nov 2009