Short-term Scholarships for Post-graduates and Researchers of Finnish language and culture

CIMO awards (tentatively for one year) scholarships to foreign post-graduates and researchers of the Finnish language and culture for short-term visits, e. g. to archives, seminars, interviews or meetings with a tutor. Attendance at a conference is no sufficient reason for a scholarship - the visit should also include other kind of work related to the applicant's research.

The grant can be awarded for 1-4 weeks. The amount of the grant is 300 euros/week.

How to apply?
Applications should be submitted at least 2 months before the intended scholarship period. The application must indicate the purpose of the visit, the programme of the possible seminar and the significance of the visit for the candidate's research/post-graduate studies.

NB. these short-term scholarships are only targeted for post-graduate students of the Finnish language and culture. The application form (below) is therefore only available in Finnish.

Click here to download The Application form

The following documents should be attached:
- the applicant's rationale
- research plan
- reference from the tutor
- the applicant's CV