"wow" weblinks

  • YoutubeTime.com - create a link to a YouTube video where you set the start time.
  • BBSsoftware.co.uk - download a software that will le tyou record your screen, sound and webcam. Share movies with one-click upload to Youtube and other video sharing sites. Save movies as Flash or AVI files
  • CarBibles.com  - Everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about basic car maintenance, wheels, tires, engine oil or motor oil, suspension (including springs and shock absorbers), brakes (disc brakes and drum brakes), gearboxes, transmissions, steering, engines, motors, petrol, gasoline and general car maintenance.
  • FatBurgr.com - When you go to a restaurant, do you know the nutritional content of what you're ordering? Fatburgr gives you nutritional information from your favorite restaurants.
  • PasteHtml.com - Use it to put your HTML page to internet without registration and anonymously. Like free web hosting. Free anonymous web hosting. Copy its address and use it as you wish. Your HTML file will be hosted anonymously and for free and forever.
  • PetitionSpot.com - a place to voice your opinion,  free to express yourself in any manner. A great place to Start A Petition, and spread it to friends.