"wow" weblinks

  • Dropplay.com - Music for everyone. Friends don't let friends pay for music. Welcome to DropPlay. Drop or find music and listen for free! 
  • SecurityTube.net - A website with videos ranging from basic computer security to complex network security. Some of the videos are obtained from other websites while others are submitted by users.
  • PrivacyChoice.org - The privacychoice service allows you to express your preference about how companies handle information about what you do on the Web. Through privacychoice you can "opt out" easily, permanently and in line with your own comfort level from advertising and research companies which regularly track what you do across different websites. How? Privacychoice collects over 60 different "opt out" cookies provided by tracking networks. When you choose to put these opt-outs on your computer, those companies have stated they will not collect or store information about your activities across their networks.
  • iconFinder.net - search through 107,278+ icons or browse 177 icon sets of high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way
  • MySocialButtons.com - get stylish social media icons, graphics and buttons.