International Cancer Training Workshops

Target candidates Investigators, clinicians, public health professionals
Duration 3-5 days
Available 10-20 per year
Value A maximum of US$ 15,000 for travel and stipend for 3 international faculty members
Application closing date None. Applications are accepted at any time
Notification of result Generally within 60 days of registratio

To facilitate a three- to five-day teaching and training course by an international faculty of up to three experts for groups of up to 50 appropriately qualified professionals who work in cancer institutes, clinics or hospitals in resource-constrained countries

Profile of host coordinator 
An appropriately qualified head of department (or similar position) of the organization applying for and hosting the training course

Profile of visiting faculty coordinator
An appropriately qualified and experienced cancer expert

Course subjects
  • Basic, clinical, behavioural and epidemiological areas of cancer research
  • Cancer prevention and control
  • Clinical management, diagnostic and therapeutic skills
  • Prevention-oriented courses are especially encouraged.
Note: A special application procedure by host organization applies

For additional information on UICC Fellowships, contact UICC

By mail
Ms Beate Vought

[email protected]

Fellowships coordinator
International Union Against Cancer (UICC)
62 route de Frontenex
1207 Geneva

By telephone or fax
Telephone: +41 22 809 1843
Fax +41 22 809 1810


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