Job opp. Senior Technical Advisor for Performance-Based Financing Systems - Kampala, Uganda

Please note that this position is contingent upon funding.

1. Develop, implement, and manage the performance-based financing program of the project at the district level.
2. Collaborate with the district teams in identifying roles and responsibilities for the PBF program.
3. Coordinate the work plan for the technical/program units and link plans in each unit to ensure that the monitoring and evaluation plans are integrated.
4. Actively manage Contracts Officer and District PBF Coordinators to ensure that the project activities are consistent and coordinated.
5. Meet regularly with the Ministry of Local Government, local government, and other line Ministries to share progress, accomplishments, and challenges in partnership with the Chief of Party.
6. Leverage support from other government sectors for the project's work, in collaboration with the Chief of Party.
7. Work with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor to ensure that the project maintains close adherence to work plans and meets designated milestones, deliverables, and benchmarks.
8. Work together with the Chief of Party and M&E Advisor to establish the research operations and review for the project and oversee research design, implementation, and analysis.
9. Document and publish lessons learned from the project and use them as a mechanism to share experiences and to advocate for appropriate policy direction in support of the project's focus areas.
10. Provide technical guidance to subcontractors and sub-grantees, defining their on-going technical roles in the project, in close coordination with the Chief of Party and finance and operations staff.
11. Collaborate with the Chief of Party to provide specialized technical assistance to the district local government team on the implementation of PBF activities.

1. Master's degree in public administration, finance, management, public health, or a combination of equivalent relevant experience and education.
2. Significant previous experience in the implementation of health financing programs and mechanisms.
3. Proven experience with management and monitoring of development programs in the health arena or other social sectors.
4. Strong understanding of financial planning and management and monitoring and evaluation.
5. Previous experience in Africa, preferably East Africa or Uganda, preferred.
6. Excellent conceptualization, facilitation, planning and mentoring skills.
7. Excellent leadership and management skills; experience supervising staff.
8. Demonstrated intermediate computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
9. Fluency in English
10. Willingness and ability to travel within Uganda at least 25% time.

Please note that relocation assistance and allowances are available.

Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

To apply for this position, please visit the Employment Opportunities section of our website at

Job opp. Chief of Party. Management Sciences for Health - Kampala, Uganda

REPORTS TO: Global Technical Lead, HSD, Center for Health Services

Please note that this position is contingent upon funding.

1. Provide overall direction of all technical and administrative operations under the contract.
2. Function as the primary liaison between the USAID and other collaborating agencies on all administrative and financial matters related to the project.
3. Adapt, implement, and oversee an annual project planning cycle which formulates comprehensive annual contract work plans and budgets in accordance with the USAID annual planning cycle and assures timely disbursement of funds. Assure integration of technical strategies with each other, and with the overall operational strategy of the project. Ensures that the Project's District Management Improvement plans are developed and executed.
4. Assure that all work planning is completed effectively with counterparts and partner organizations. Ensures that program milestones and deliverables are met.
5. Oversee the adaptation and implementation of management systems with standard operating procedures to administer all activities funded by the contract. Arrange for and oversee local financial staff that will be responsible for disbursing all local costs under this project, monitoring and tracking expenditures, and preparing financial reports of project expenditures for submission to USAID.
6. Assure the integration, consistency, and high quality of the direct and subcontracted work under the project. Supervise the work and assess the performance of all long-term and short-term advisors, consultants, and staff.
7. In conjunction with the Deputy Chief of Party, manage and supervise the project staff in the identification of all project technical assistance needs required to achieve the expected outputs of the contract, develop suitable scopes of work, recruit consultants, and execute technical assistance contracts. Supervisory responsibilities include, but are not limited to, meeting with supervisees on a regular basis to discuss issues, track work progress, provide guidance and support, and ensure consistent quality of work performed; conducting Performance Plan and Reviews; communicating, implementing and assuring adherence to MSH policies, guidelines and values; developing staff skills and knowledge; approving time sheets; and facilitating supervisee success whenever possible.

1. Demonstrated success as the Chief of Party or Deputy Chief of Party of a comparable multi-sectoral USAID-funded project, managing professional and financial resources on a similar scale.
2. Demonstrated excellent management and leadership skills.
3. At least 10 years successful prior experience working with local and/or district governments on the development and/or implementation of complex health, education, local government reform, or decentralization programs in the developing world. Previous experience in Uganda or in the immediate region strongly preferred.
4. Knowledge of performance-based contracting at the national or local government level in the social sector (health, education, etc.) a strong plus.
5. Familiarity with local government systems and procedures in the implementation of donor-assisted projects.
6. Experience with the for-profit private sector development and/or public sector development.
7. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with local government agencies, private sector groups, USAID, Cooperating Agencies, and other project stakeholders.
8. Track record of strong commitment to sharing knowledge, documenting experience, supporting creative initiatives, building trust, and sharing credit.
9. Proven ability to listen and communicate well with, motivate, guide, and direct all levels of staff. Hands-on senior staff supervision experience required.

Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

To apply for this position, please visit the Employment Opportunities section of our website at

Human Rights Scholarship (HRS)

The Human Rights Scholarship is awarded to applicants wishing to undertake graduate research studies at the University in the human rights field and who are able to demonstrate their commitment to the peaceful advancement of respect for human rights.

Use the folllowing link to learn more about the list below:
  1. Number
  2. Benefits & conditions
  3. Eligibility criteria
  4. Selection criteria
  5. Application procedure (including required documents)
  6. Application outcome
Closing date & timelines
31 October 2009. We are unable to consider late or incomplete applications.
Scholarship assessment timelines for local and international students can also be viewed.

For further information please contact the Melbourne Scholarships Office on 03 8344 8747 or via

Hasheem Thabeet Manka : Sijachukua uraia wa Marekani

Habari hii nimeipata toka kwenye blogu ya Mpoki Bukuku aka Mzee wa Sumo
“SINA 'girl friend' kwa sasa kwa kuwa ninao wengi tu sijaamua kutulia na mmoja,” 
anasema Hasheen Thabit Manka, mchezaji wa mpira wa kikapu, Mtanzania ambaye amepata nafasi ya kucheza Ligi ya Juu ya Marekani ya NBA akiwa na klabu ya Memphis Grizzlies.

Hasheem Thabeet, ni kijana mcheshi mwenye kupenda kuzungumza, lakini kwa sasa maisha yake yamebadilika kabisa baada ya kuishi Marekani kwa zaidi ya miaka mitatu akitafuta nafasi ya kujiendeleza kimaisha kupitia michezo. Watu wengi wanaomfahamu hususani walioishi naye jirani katika mitaa ya Sinza jijini Dar es Salaam wanamjua kuwa alikuwa kijana wa kijiweni ambaye alikuwa akishinda na wenzake wakipiga stori, lakini sasa amebadilika na kuwa mtu wa aina nyingine, si yule wa Sinza, si yule aliyekuwa anapanda daladala, amekuwa mtu mwingine, mtu wa hali ya juu.
“Jamaa ana nyodo kichizi tangu amekwenda Marekani anajifanya anapita anapunga mkono kwa mbali lakini powa tu,”
anasema mmoja wa rafiki zake ambao walikuwa wakiishi naye jirani na kupiga soga katika kijiwe kimoja Sinza. Lakini Hasheem hashangazwi na hali hiyo kwani alipozungumza na Mwanaspoti wiki hii jijini Dar es Salaam anasema watu wanashindwa kuelewa maisha yake kwa sasa. Ni kweli alikuwa kijiweni na alikuwa ana washikaji wengi waliokuwa wakishinda pamoja, lakini kwa sasa utaratibu wa maisha yake umebadilika.
“Kuna watu wanalaumu uvaaji wangu na wengine jinsi ninavyozungumza, lakini sasa nimekuwa mtu mwingine, siwezi tena kukaa kijiweni kwa zaidi ya saa sita na kupiga stori,” 
anaeleza Hasheem ambaye ana meneja anayemsaidia kuendesha maisha yake. Hasheem Thabeet (kama jina lake linavyoandikwa Marekani), anasema ameelekezwa mambo mengi ya kufanya ili afanikiwe katika kazi hiyo mpya ambayo itamwingizia kipato na anafuata mwongozo huo kwani bado haamini kama alipofikia ni mwisho:
“Nimefanya bidii kubwa sana kufika hapa ni lazima nifuate maelekezo ninayopewa”.
Anasema ili kufika alipo, haikuwa kazi rahisi, kwani ilikuwa ni kama bahati na bidii iliyotokana na kujituma.
“Nilikuwa naumia sana, najitahidi na kuna wakati nilikuwa nakata tamaa kabisa na kutaka kuachana na huu mchezo.”
Hata hivyo anasema mama yake alimsaidia sana na kumpa moyo na marafiki zake waliokuwa Marekani:
“Nilikuwa nawasiliana na mama yangu kila mara na kumweleza kila hatua, ilifika kipindi nilitaka kukata tamaa lakini alinisihi nijitahidi, namshukuru sana.”
Hasheem mwenye urefu wa futi 7.3 anasema mchezo huo kwa Marekani ni kitu kinachopewa umuhimu wa aina yake na kunakuwa na mfumo maalum wa kumjenga mtu ili kuwa mchezaji bora, tofauti na hapa ambapo kila mchezaji anajiendeleza kwa juhudi binafsi.
“Sidhani kama hapa nyumbani mchezo huu unaweza kufika mbali kwa kuwa viongozi wenye dhamana ya mchezo wizarani na hata katika chama cha mpira hawako makini kuendeleza mchezo huu.”
Anasema viongozi wengi wamekuwa wakijali zaidi maslahi yao binafsi na kusahau kuboresha mchezo huo pamoja na miundombinu yake kitu kinachofanya wachezaje washindwe kuendelea zaidi kutokana na uduni huo.
“Mimi nimeshangaa kwa muda wote nilipokuwa sipo viwanja nilivyojifunzia na kufanya mazoezi, viko kati hali ile ile sasa hapo utamlaumu nani? Ni viongozi wenyewe.”
Anasema kama watu hawatabadilika, itakuwa vigumu sana kwa wachezaji wa Tanzania kuendelea katika mchezo huo, kwani yeye anaona mafanikio yake ni kwa ajili ya juhudi zake kubwa.
 “Labda mmoja katika milioni anaweza kupata nafasi kwa mtindo huu.”
Lakini bado anasema kuna mchango wake ambao atajitahidi kuutoa ili kusaidia mchezo huo; “Najua sitakuwa sana hapa nchini, nitatumia muda wangu mwingi Marekani lakini nikipata nafasi nitakuwa nakuja na kuandaa kliniki mbalimbali za mchezo huo ili kuwasaidia vijana. Hasheem anasema alipokuwa hapa, hakuna kiongozi aliyemsaidia na kwenda Marekanii ilikuwa ni juhudi zake na baadhi ya watu ambao walimwona angefaa kwa ajili ya kucheza mchezo huo.
“Mimi nashangaa watu wamekuwa wakitumia mgongo wangu kujirusha, wengi wakijifanya ndio wamenifikisha nilipo, hii si kweli kabisa ni juhudi binafsi. Na kila mtu anajifanya ananijua sana sasa, lakini si kweli.”
Thabeet, ambaye ni mtoto wa Thabit Manka na Rukia Manka. Baba yake amefariki na mama yake Rukia yupo hai na amekuwa msaada kwake siku zote na ana wadogo zake wawili; Ahkbar ambaye kwa sasa anaishi naye Marekani na Sham ambaye ni wa kike. Anasema hata baada ya kuchaguliwa kuingia katika ligi hiyo baadhi ya watu hususani viongozi wamekuwa wakimfuata hadi Marekani na kudai kuwa wametumwa na viongozi wa nchi kumpongeza na kumuahidi ushirikiano. Kwa miaka miwili iliyopita, Hasheem alikuwa nyota katika timu ya mpira wa kikapu katika Chuo maarufu cha Uconn katika jiji la New York, Marekani na kimekuwa na sifa ya kuibua nyota wengi wanaocheza katika ligi maarufu ya Mpira wa Kikapu ya Marekani (NBA) ambako sasa ndio Mtanzania huyo ameingizwa.
Hata hivyo anamsifu Rais Jakaya Kikwete ambaye ni mpenzi wa mchezo huo kwa jinsi alivyokuwa akimpa moyo na kumfuatilia kwa hatua mbalimbali;
"Ana upendo sana na amekuwa akiwasiliana na mimi mara kwa mara na tumekuwa tukionana mara kwa mara anapokuja Marekani.”
Lakini, tofauti na hisia za watu wengi hapa nchini wanaofikiri kuwa kwa kuingia katika ligi hiyo, Hasheem anaweza kusaliti na kubadili uraia wake ili awe Mmarekani, yeye anasema;
"No nitatumia muda wangu mwingi sana Marekani hiyo iko wazi lakini kila mara ninapofikiria naona nimefikia hapo nilipo nikiwa Mtanzania, nitakuwa Mtanzania na ninajivunia kuwa Mtanzania na kuzaliwa katika nchi hii.”
Kwa upande wa Wamarekani wenyewe wameshtushwa na ubora wa Hasheem katika mchezo huo ambao ni maarufu sana nchini mwao, kwani mwaka 2005 wakati anakwenda huko hakuna aliyemtarajia kuwa angekuwa mchezaji mzuri hata kuchezea Ligi ya NBA. Alielezwa katika gazeti maarufu la Marekani New York Times kama mchezaji tegemeo katika timu ya chuo aliyokuwa akichezea kwani ni vigumu kupitwa na wachezaji wengine anapokuwa uwanjani.
"Tunapocheza katika timu ingawa tuko watano lakini tunaona kama kuna wachezaji sita kwa sababu ya Hasheem,” 
anasema Jeff Adrien ambaye walicheza naye katika ligi ya vyuo. Lakini Hasheem hakuwa mchezaji wa kikapu tangu alivyoanza, bali alikuwa mchezaji wa mpira wa miguu na kitu hicho kilimsababishia mwanzo mgumu kuingia katika kikapu. Wamarekani walimwona kuwa angefaa na hata alipoanza alikuwa kama kituko kwani mara nyingine alikuwa akipiga mpira kwa miguu na kusahau kutumia mikono , kitu kilichofanya makocha wake kufanya kazi ya ziada ambayo sasa imezaa matunda. Hapa nchini alianza kucheza kikapu alipokuwa Makongo na kwa mujibu wake ni kwamba hakupenda mchezo huo bali kuna siku alijaribu kucheza na rafiki yake aliyempatia viatu ili aanze kucheza na alipofika shule alichezea timu ya shule. Alishiriki mashindano ya Afrika Mashariki kwa shule za sekondari na huko ndiko maisha yake yalibadilika. Alipatiwa ufadhili wa kwenda Marekani na Mkenya mmoja ambaye aliona anaweza kunufaika.

Hasheem Thabeet alizungumza na Rais Jakaya Kikwete muda mfupi kabla ya kuweka historia ya kuwa Mtanzania wa kwanza kusajiliwa kwenye Ligi Kuu ya NBA. Thabeet, ambaye aliahirisha kucheza ligi hiyo mwaka jana na juzi baada ya kushauriwa na walimu wake kwenye Chuo Kikuu cha Connectict, mwaka huu alikuwa chaguo namba mbili kwenye usajili wa wachezaji chipukizi unaojulikana kama DRAFT (Data Related Analysis aliposajiliwa rasmi na klabu ya Memphis Grizzlies.

Kabla ya kwenda kushuhudia uteuzi huo Thabeet aliliambiajarida la mtandaoni la Men's Journal kuwa aliongea kwa ujumbe wa simu na rais wa Tanzania. Gazeti hilo limeandika katika toleo lake la Juni 25 kuwa mwanafunzi huyo wa zamani wa Shule ya Sekondari ya Makongo alifanya mahojiano nao mara baada ya kumaliza kumtumia ujumbe rais. Hasheem, ambaye ana urefu wa futi 7'3 alikuwa anahitajika sana kwenye klabu hiyo ya Grizzlies, ambayo wastani wake wa kushinda mechi kwa msimu ni michezo 16 kati ya 86 kwa msimu, ili aisaidie katika kiungo- akiwa na jukumu la kuzuia na kufunga.

Hasheem alizaliwa Februari 16, 1987 na sasa ana umri wa miaka 22 ambayo itamwezesha kucheza kwa muda mrefu katika ligi hiyo na kufanya awe na matumaini makubwa ya kuwa mchezaji maarufu si kwa Tanzania bali dunia nzima
Mungu ampe nini!

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