NEEDED: Authors in a partnership for writing School Textbooks

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We would like to inform you that TIE is currently planning to engage private authors in a partnership for writing school textbooks on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the authors and the Institute.

The purpose of this letter is to humbly request you to convey this information to potential textbook writers of outstanding academic and professional competence in your institution so that they may personally communicate to us on this matter. We expect them to indicate the subjects and education levels for which they would prefer to write textbooks. A list of subjects and education levels is trended to this letter.

Interested individuals are encouraged to communicate to the Director, preferably by 30/03/2009 through the following contacts:
The Director
Tanzania Institute of Education P.O. Box 35094 Dar es Salaam Fax: + 255-22-2"4420 Tel.:+ 255-22-2775087 Mobile phone: - 255-(0)754- 270 765 E-mail:
Thanking you in advance.             

Yours truly,             
Dr. P.S.D. Mushi

1All correspondence should be addressed to the Director. You may access more information from

Director ICT
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KP 19/03/09
Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE)

Telephone: - 255-22- 2773005       P.O. Box 35094
Fax:              +255-22- 2774420      Dar es Salaam


1.              Pre-Primary School Subjects
Vitendo vya masomo ya/Subject learning activities on:
(i) Kiswahili;
(ii) English;
(iii) Hisabati;
(iv) Sayansi.
(v) Haiba na Michezo;
(vi) Sanaa.

2.              Primary School Subjects
ii) Kiswahili:
(ii) Hisabati:
(iii) English language:
(iv) Haiba na Michezo:
(vi) French language;
(vii) Sayansi;
(viii) Jografia;
(ix) Historia;
(x) Uraia;
(xi) Stadi za Kazi.

3.              Secondary School (O-level) Subjects
(i) Mathematics;
(ii) English;
(iii) French;
(iv) Kiswahili:
(v) Chemistrv;
(vi) Biology
(vii) Physics:
(viii) History;
(ix) Geography:
(x) Civics:
(xi) Fine Arts and crafts:
(xii) Music;
(xiii) Theatre Arts;
(xiv) Information and Computer Studies;
(xv) Commerce:
(xvi) Book Keeping;
(xvii) Home Economics;
(xviii) Agriculture;
(xix) Additional Mathematics;
(xx) Physical Education and Sports.

4. Secondary (A-Level) Subjects

(a) Languages
(i) English;
(ii) French;
(iii) Kiswahili;
(iv) Arabic.

(b) Natural Science and Mathematics
(i) Advanced Mathematics
(ii) Chemistry;
(iii) Biology;
(iv) Physics:
(v) Food and Human Nutrition;
(vi) Agriculture:
(vii) Computer Science.
(viii) Basic Applied Mathematics;
(ix) Information and Computer Studies.

(c) Social Sciences
(i) History;
(ii) Geography;
(iii) General Studies.

(d) Vocational Studies
(i) Textile technology and Clothing:
(ii) Home Management.

(e) Aesthetics and Physical Education
(i) Music;
(ii) Fine Arts and Crafts;
(iii) Physical Education;
(iv) Theatre Arts.

(f) Business Studies
(i) Economics;
(ii) Accountancy;
(iii) Commerce.

(g) Religious Studies
(i) Divinity;
(ii) Islamic Studies.

5. Teacher Education Certificate Level

5.1 Kozi ya Ualimu Elimu ya Msingi Ngazi ya Cheti

(a)              Somo la Ualimu- Elimu ya Msingi
(i) Communication skills;
(ii) Vielelezo na Teknolojia;
(iii) Ualimu;
(iv) Sayansi ;
(v) Haiba na Michezo
(vi) English'
(vii) Kiswahili:
(viii) Hisabati
(ix) Stadi za Kazi:
(xi) French;
(xii) ICT;
(xiii) Uraia;
(xiv) Jografia;
(xv) Historia.

(b)              Somo la Ualimu Elimu ya Awali
(i) Vitendo vya Sanaa;
(ii) Vitendo vya Hisabati;
(iii) Vitendo vya Kiswahili;
(iv) Vitendo vya sayansi;
(v) English Language Learning Activities:
(vi) Vitendo vya French Ufundishaji.

(c) Kozi ya Ualimu- Elimu ya Michezo
(i) Afya, Usalama na Kinga katika Michezo
(ii) Usimamizi na Uandaaji wa Michezo.
(iii) Michezo.

6. Teacher Education Diploma Level

(a)              Educational Studies Subjects
(i) Curriculum and Teaching;
(ii) Foundation of Education:
(iii) Educational Research. Measurement and Evaluation:
(iv) Psychology. Guidance and Counseling.

(b)              Academic and Pedagogy Subjects
(i) Mathematics;
(ii) English;
(iii) French;
(iv) Kiswahili;
(v) Chemistry;
(vi) Biology;
(vii) Physics;
(viii) History;
(ix) Geography;
(x) Information and Computer Studies:
(xi) Media and technology
(xii) Information and Communication Technology;
(xiii) Communication Skills:
(xiv) Development Studies:
(xv) Civics.

Dr. P.S.D. Mushi
Director Tanzania Institute of Education

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Savings Project Manager - FINCA - Uganda

FINCA International, one of the world's leading microfinance institutions, provides financial services to more than 725,000 clients through 21 wholly-owned and operated subsidiaries in Africa, Eurasia, Latin America and the Greater Middle East. FINCA International is currently seeking a Savings Project Manager (SPM). The SPM will be accountable for overseeing the implementation of a major savings initiative for FINCA in Uganda. As the team leader in Uganda, the SPM will have direct responsibility for complying with budgets and work plans, and coordinating efforts with FINCA International and other participating affiliates. The SPM will provide direct technical assistance to FINCA Uganda and will manage and coordinate activities across the range of departments involved in the diverse activities, particularly serving as a link between marketing, operations, IT, and human and business resources. The SPM will ensure that activities are properly sequenced through planning and implementation, monitor progress toward operational and strategic outcomes, working closely with all staff involved, and formulate corrective actions as needed to ensure completion of programmed milestones. The SPM will also be responsible for improving savings products and their delivery, as needed.

The SPM will be responsible for ensuring FINCA Uganda meets or exceeds its savings project outcomes. His or her responsibilities will include:

- Review the existing business strategy for savings of the participating affiliate, and either validate the strategy or recommend any changes that may be necessary to ensure achievement of the desired outcomes;
- Develop detailed implementation plans for the affiliate, in coordination with the Senior Savings Advisor, with concrete timelines and measurable indicators to guide monitoring efforts of the project;
- Work with the Senior Savings Advisor to provide strategic direction and oversight to the implementation of the multi-faceted savings initiative;
- Fulfill work plans, and meeting targets and budgets;
- Review progress against work plans, milestones, and targets;
- Assess the performance of all functions with respect to their role in the savings initiative, identify any factors that are hindering performance or that put the initiative at risk;
- Make proactive recommendations to FINCA on corrective action that may be necessary to ensure achievement of desired outcomes;
- Identify strategic opportunities to increase FINCA's success in the initiative by accelerating its progress, creating greater efficiencies, strengthening the market response, or otherwise enhancing the scale and impact of FINCA's savings activities;
- Provide monthly reviews of progress to date with recommendations for improvement;
- Devise and implement a performance management approach for savings within FINCA, in coordination with Global and Field HR Managers;
- Help create a strategy for scaling up the pilot activities throughout the FINCA network

Ideal profile:
- Bachelors degree required, Masters in Economics, Finance or related field a plus;
- At least 10 years of relevant and high level experience;
- The candidate will have successfully served as a senior executive with direct responsibility for mobilizing deposits on a significant scale in a developing market; familiarity with market in East Africa and Uganda specifically a plus
- Significant experience in a leadership position where he/she provided strategic direction on savings mobilization initiatives, and served as project manager;
- Familiarity with market research, new product development, innovative service delivery channels such as ATMs, Point of Sale software (POSs), and mobile phone banking, the complex linkages between new products/services and IT;
- Demonstrated project management abilities, preferably on an international level
- Excellent organizational and communications skills; and
- Excellent written and oral communications skills in English required.

Apply for this job online at (careers section).

FINCA International Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

"la caixa" / CNIO Iinternational PhD Programme

In 2008 "la Caixa" Foundation launched a scholarship programme to offer interdisciplinary training and research opportunities to outstanding young graduate students of any nationality to pursue a PhD project at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO).

The "la Caixa"/CNIO international PhD programme offers cross-disciplinary training in state-of-the-art basic and applied cancer research within an international scientific environment. Ten fully funded four year fellowships will be available in 2010. Candidates should have an excellent academic track record, a solid knowledge of English and previous research experience.

Applications must be received by March 15th, 2010.

For further information on this programme and on the different research programmes and groups at the CNIO, please follow the links below:
Outside this special programme, specific PhD training opportunities will be posted in the "Jobs" section of our web page together with directions on how to apply.

For further information, please contact our Training Manager, Mar PĂ©rez at [email protected]