11 Aug 2010, 7:42 am

Omega Nitro Risk Solutions (T) Ltd is looking to recruit a dynamic Human Resources manager for the company.
The successful candidate will be based in Oar es Salaam, but will be responsible for the management of Omega Nitro’s employees throughout Tanzania. Travelling will be required from time to time.
Salary Package
A competitive salary package will be offered to the successful candidate. Main Purpose of the Appointment:
To contribute to the achievement of the Company strategy and human resources management of the Companr by preparing and managing programs for recruiting, selecting, maintaining, motivating and cfeveloping. Provision 0 the personnel services reqUired and implement the Company’s human resources and other relevant policies.
Functions of the Appointment:
Prepare, in the light of the Company’s strategy, forecasts of human resource requirements and plans for recruiting, selecting retention and motivation of employees.
Provide lhe administrative services regarding recruitment, selection and employment practices needed to satisfy the requirements for human resources of the Company.
Recruit personnel as and where required.
Maintain the required staff compliment.
Provide guidance and administrative services regarding areas where the Company has legal and social obligations Ensure tflat the personnel function is executed according to the company’s guidelines in the different countries of operation.
Conduct job evaluations.
Develop and implement succession planning in consultation with the GM.
Ensure that a development program is developed (in consultation with the GM) for each permanent employee. Monitor the development program to ensure compfiance to time scales of progress.
Provide advice and service on day-to-day employee relations issues and on programs for involvement, participation and communications within the framework of employee relations strategies and policies.
Assist as required with the implementation of changes in remunerations and other conditions of employment. Prepare contingency plans for possible industrial action.
Develop and implement strategies for the retention of personnel, especially key personnel. Give guidance regarding promotions, transfers, discipline, grievances, redundancy and welfare. Ensure the Employee Representation Forum is successful.
Manage Employee Benefit Schemes as applicable in the Company.
Job Holder Specification:
Formal Education:
A bachelor’s degree in Personnel Management; or Human Resources Management or equivalent related tertiary education.
Five (5) years as a Human Resources Practitioner in the security service industry. A gooo command of English is a prerequisite.
Personal Qualities: .
Able to think and operate strategically. Understand the curture of the Company. Appreciate organisational and individual needs.
Understand human resources management systems and techniques. Persuasive and realistic.
Have hands on approach.
Good communicatIon skills.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Enthusiasm and drive.
Resilience and flexible.
Customer focused.
Business results focused.
Mature and able to operate in a stressful environment.
A detailed CV, with contact numbers can be delivered to:
Ms. Zawadi Hazali – Stange at our offices at:
o Plot 342, Mikocheni B
o Off TPDC/garden Road
o Dar es Salaam
o Tel: 0713239139
Mikocheni B, Plot 342, Off TPOC / Garden Rd, Oar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel/Fax: +255222 772060
E-mail: [email protected]. Web: