Dar is most expensive compared to Nairobi, Kigali, Kampala

According to Tanzania's The Citizen newspaper, living in Dar es Salaam may be the most expensive in the East African region pushed by costly renting in its posh areas.

That, fresh data from an online survey-based cost of living calculator, expatistan.com reveals that renting a fully furnished accommodation in expensive areas of the city can cost up to an average of $2,711 (Sh4.3 million) per month for an 85 m² (900 Sqft) housing, while the same house will cost $1,247 in Nairobi,$1,182 in Kampala and $933 in Kigali, still in expensive areas of the respective cities.

But, property experts say the high cost of rent in Dar es Salaam is a result of limited supply of descent houses and lack of planned areas that provide good roads, access to clean water and other basic services.

Competition for a few high-end areas makes the rent go up, says Sultani Mndeme, a real estate consultant with GimcoAfrica.