Dual Citizenship: A letter by Chami & Cordes to Members of Constituent Assembly

I read Sia Chami (USA) and Andrea Cordes (Germany)’s open letter to the Members of the Constituent Assembly asking a push for necessary adjustments in the constitution regarding the issue of dual citizenship.

In their letter, they noted a vivid trend, that “ties to multiple nations are no longer an uncommon situation...”

Further more: 
African countries are continuously reaching out to their diaspora and multinational citizens to contribute to their economic, political and social development. If Tanzanians intend on seeking the contribution of our citizens, let us also allow them the privilege to keep the nationality of their homeland, while they represent us and their personal interests elsewhere as well. Dual nationality in this age of mobility is relevant. The world is no longer one of single identities. We marry, reproduce, live, learn and work across borders. By no means does dual citizenship mean they love Tanzania any less, but forcing one to divide their own identity into separate parts is no longer an easy task. There is little for us to lose, as a nation, from allowing global citizens to keep Tanzania as part of their identity.
And so they ask and suggest:
Which risks are there to grant children dual citizenship of both nations they belong to? If as grown-up person they would decide to serve in the national service, to take a political office, yes in these cases maybe regulations should be in place to go for a single citizenship. But these kinds of regulations can be put in place, just as the right to dual citizenship.
Link to the letter