Facebook ends a service you probably never knew existed nor used

Facebook's touted the service as a "Gmail killer" before its launch in 2010, ended on Monday.

The current social media giant quietly retired the email service that many users didn't even know existed.

If you used to have one, you probably have or are going to receive a notice saying the @facebook.com email addresses they deployed are going away.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company said:
“We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address, and we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.” 

Facebook angered many users last year when it changed all the default personal email addresses to its email address service, all in an effort to capture and increase audience.

Now that the service is dead, Facebook will redirect any email sent to @facebook.com addresses to the primary email addresses of the account holders instead of their Facebook Messages inbox.