[If you live in Az] Sign up to get watchdog alerts on frauds

(image by AARP)
Do you live in Az? Do you want to keep spam at bay? If yes, then you may want to sign up to receive alerts from AARP’s Fraud Watch Network, a campaign set up to fight identity theft and avoid being scammed.

The Fraud Watch Network will give you access to information about how to protect yourself and your
family. Non-members and members alike can get our Watchdog Alerts, stay up on con artists’ latest tricks, and find out what to do if you have been victimized.

The service is free and open for everyone. Cynthia Fagyas with AARP says people: "can learn about the latest scam in their area and they can actually sign up to receive alerts about the latest scams and fraud that is being perpetrated in their particular area."

News has it that last year, more than $20 billion was stolen from about 13 million scam victims across the United States, a press release from AARP said.