Marc & Angel: 6 things that couples should stop doing

  1. Being too busy to be present with each other. - If you do not find at least some amount of presence in the moments you share with your partner, it is impossible to listen, speak, compromise, or otherwise connect with them on a meaningful level.

  2. Feeling too comfortable to compliment each other. - It seems like such a small thing, but in our busy lives we often forget that a kind word, a helping hand, or just a smile and a quick “thank you” can create a bright spot in your partner’s life.

  3. Resisting compromise. - Two people don’t stay in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same foundation of honesty, trust, and respect. 

  4. Wanting to be right. - Respecting their opinion, without judging or jumping to conclusions, always carries more weight than simply being right.

  5. Hiding personal flaws and problems from each other. - By hiding things from your partner, you allow small problems to escalate and dominate both your life and your relationship. 

  6. Trying to get even, as a replacement to forgiveness. - Getting even doesn’t help a relationship heal. Don’t try to cover darkness with darkness. Find the light. … and move forward.
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