“May my imprisonment serve to wake the people up” - Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuelan opposition leader

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez (photo: Yahoo!)
Venezuelan security forces arrested opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on Tuesday on charges of fomenting unrest that has killed at least four people, bringing tens of thousands of his angry supporters onto the streets of Caracas.

"I am handing myself over to an unfair justice system,"
"May my imprisonment serve to wake the people up."
the protest leader told supporters, standing on a platform next to a statue of Cuban poet and independence hero Jose Marti.

The crowd lifted his wife up to give him a final embrace and hang a crucifix around his neck.
Minutes later, he surrendered to military officers, pumping his fist and then stepping into the military vehicle with a Venezuelan flag in one hand and a white flower in the other. ...Read more - REUTERS