Meya wa Vallejo awasili Tanzania

Meya wa Mji wa Vallejo nchini Marekani, Mhe. Osby Davis (kushoto) akisalimiana na Meya wa Jiji la Dar es Salaam, Mhe. Didas Masaburi mara baada ya kuwasili nchini kwa ziara ya kikazi. Mji wa Vallejo una uhusiano wa udada na Mji wa Bagamoyo.

By The GUARDIAN — A business delegation from the United States of America (USA) has arrived in Dar es Salaam to survey investment potentials in the country and particularly in the port city of Dar es Salaam.

Speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam, City Mayor Didas Massaburi said the delegation comprises of at least 15 businessmen, investors and officials of the Chamber of Commerce for Black Americans from Vallejo city on the northern edge of San Francisco Bay-California.

“This delegation is looking for opportunities to invest here in the city, Bagamoyo in the Coast region and

 elsewhere in the country,” he said.
The Mayor explained that the visit is in response to President Jakaya Kikwete’s invitation when he visited California last year.

Massaburi explained that while in the country, the delegation will discuss a number of issues with officials including suitable areas for investment in agriculture, education and tourism sectors.

The discussions will be held with various stakeholders, including officials from the Tanzania Investment Centre.

He said the relationship between Tanzania and USA is aimed to fast track economic activities in both countries through investments.

“Dar es Salaam city authorities are discussing how to cooperate with the private sector, especially from America and their financial institutions to among other things improve marine transportation on the Indian Ocean,” he said.
According to Masaburi, there is need to emulate the way American people run their economic activities through Private Public Partnership (PPP).

A member of the delegation, the Mayor in the City of Vallejo, California, Osby Davis, said their visit to the country - especially in Dar es Salaam - is meant to help Tanzania’s development and strengthen existing relationships between the two countries.

“We are here to observe, learn and share what we practice in our city with Tanzanians,” he said.

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Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Ulaya na Amerika katika Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Balozi Dora Msechu akisalimiana na mmoja wa wajumbe waliofuatana na Meya Davis kutoka Vallejo nchini Marekani.

Meya Davis na ujumbe wake wakimsikiliza Balozi Msechu wakati akifafanua jambo.

Mhe. Masaburi akiwapatia maelezo Mhe. Davis na ujumbe wake.