Mo Ibrahim: Why are European companies prosecuted in US but not in home countries?

“Why are European companies prosecuted in the U.S. but not in their home countries?” 
“Those guys in the U.S., they walk the walk when it comes to anti-corruption” 
“In Europe, we talk but we never walk the walk” 
“In Africa we have our problems but we haven’t cornered the market on corruption”
Such a quotes from Anglo-Sudanese billionaire and philanthropist Mo Ibrahim in a speech he gave on Monday at the London-based international affairs think-tank Chatham House.

Ibrahim also called for governments to crack down on tax evasion and trade mispricing, saying that bribery prosecutions were “low hanging fruit” compared to the issue of multinational companies artificially reducing their tax bill by transferring profits out of one country and into another low-tax jurisdiction.
“Multinationals don’t pay taxes in Africa, we all know that” 
“Business is global, countries need to react to that, taxes need to be paid where profit arises”
Washington DC-based transparency watchdog Global Financial Integrity estimates that African economies have lost between $597 billion and $1.4 trillion in net resource transfers in the past three decades, much of it through trade mispricing, tax evasion and corruption. ---