myElimu Project: A Promising Initiative to Improve Tanzania Education

In recent years Tanzania secondary school students haven't been doing so well in exams and a number of people blame it on science and technology, that is has made students spend much time on their smartphones and spend a lot of time on the social networks thus not finding time to study.

The claims are partial true as the statistics show the number of young engaging in the social networks increases daily in Tanzania.

However, the increase of youth engagement in social networks and the internet in general is not a bad thing but rather an opportunity to embrace - at least that's what Given thought when he started the myElimu Project.

Given Edward, the founder of the myElimu Project, says the project that will turn to students advantage when it comes to using the internet. The project is known as "MyElimu Project" and it is a
forum website that has created discussion rooms for various subjects from form 1 to form 6 for Tanzania.
MyElimu, which is found through will bring together youths from different schools across Tanzania that will be able to come together and discuss subject topics and other academic-related issues in the country.

The website is found in 3 languages with the aim of making even outsiders be able to understand what is happening and also contribute to the discussions.

It has also a game section that is purposefully there to provide a means for students to refresh when they get exhausted.
Given announced the project on Saturday in a statement that reads:-
"I've been working on an initiative. Creating a platform where students all over Tanzania can meet and discuss school topics and every academic related issue. Currently it's difficult for students to share information mainly due to geographical distances. Nevertheless, with the increase in books with no single authorized source, it has been hard for students to know what materials are correct and good for use, hence they're stuck with wrong things.

So I created My Elimu. My Elimu is a project which will make it possible for students in Dar es Salaam to exchange ideas and learn together with students in Arusha, Mwanza, Iringa and all other parts of Tanzania through It will be a meeting point for all students from Form 1 to Form 6 to meet and help each other out

When you visit the website, you will be met with an interactive user interface that displays forums of various subjects of which you will select any that interests you and start or join a topic discussion. You need to register to the website in order to participate or start a discussion. Guests can only read the discussions but not participate.
The website is available in 32 languages and features a game section of which the students can visit when they need to refresh. There is an internal messaging system and a feature that makes "liking" a post possible. More features are available that will make it enjoyable for the student to study.

Students are encouraged to visit and register. When you register, you will then be able to join different discussions and start your own. There are ton of other great things that are exclusive to members of MyElimu. A direct link to the registration page can be found here"

There has been a great response towards as the number of pageviews doubles every day. This can suggest that students have always wished for such a platform but none existed yet. It’s encouraging that such a platform now exists.

It is a great innovation that is likely to succeed in making it possible for students to spend time on the internet while at the same time studying. Such innovations in the country will help in bringing up a generation that benefits from the internet in educational perspective and make students enjoy learning.