Relationship between mining and malaria explained

[...] If there is one area that mining had greatly contributed in Geita today is malaria.

Geita recorded highest malaria prevalence rate in 2012, authorities in Geita are now pointing fingers on the sector blaming for causing holes that turns into mosquito breeding areas during rainy season. Acting Geita District Executive Director (DED) Duncan Thebas speaking to the Guardian said: “a fact that malaria is higher in the region is because Geita is a mining area.”

He explains that, due to ecological and nature of the area, fighting malaria in the area has been a complex phenomena: “Go around the district, you will find more holes that turns into bleeding areas—thus increase the chances for malaria,” he said. In additional, Geita has a number of forests that occasion to the development of malaria vectors. ...Click here to read more: Geita: Mining, malaria relationship exposed