Scam alert: New File email

Please take note of the following circulating message, whose intention is to harvest as many email addresses as it can in order to sell them to spamers and fraudsters.

This message comes from people in your email address which makes it is easy to think that it is genuine but, be wary when you receive a message with a link to open and sign again with your email address and password (a red flag right there), especially from a person who did not promise to send any document.

The message goes as follows:
Please view the document I uploaded for you as I'm having problems with attachments.
Click here
Just sign in with your email to view the document its very important.
Thank you.
If you receive a message similar to the one quoted above:-
  1. DO NOT click where it says, "Click here"
  2. Simply ignore and click the "DELETE" button on your email
  3. Alert the sender that his/her email address might have been compromised