Tanzania: Public officials to be investigated for failure to disclose assets

Tanzanian Ethics Secretariat Commissioner, Salome Kaganda speaking at a seminar organised by the government in collaboration with the embassy of the United States. (Photo By Mwanakombo Jumaa/Maelezo)

KIzito Makoye reports via Thomson Reuters Foundation that Tanzania’s Public Leadership Code of Ethics will investigate the financial affairs of senior public officials who failed to declare their assets and those they suspect of not disclosing their true wealth.

Members of the parliamentary committee were told by the Ethics Secretariat’s Commissioner that those who had not complied for 2013 would be subject to questioning by March, and that more than 300 leaders who completed the assets declaration forms will have to verify their wealth and liabilities source.

It was told that 76% of the 4,971 political leaders filled out assets forms as required by law, compared to 62% of the 8,148 public servants. However the commissioner expressed concern that some leaders had not declared all of their assets.