Turkish, Azerbaijani doctors launch co-operation program in Tanzania

Cross-posting this article from AzerNews.az, written by Nazrin Gadimova — Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has launched an Azerbaijani-Turkish Cooperation Program (TATIP) in Tanzania.

The TATIP program is being implemented within the cooperation of TIKA, Azerbaijan's Youth Fund and Turkish humanitarian organization.

As part of the program, Azerbaijani and Turkish doctors visited Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam to
examine and cure hundreds of people with cataract, and those who need ocular surgery within the framework of the program.

Prior to the presentation of the program, Turkey's Rehema Charity opened water well named after Seyid Yahya Bakuvi, an Azerbaijani scientist and philosopher of medieval ages.

The ceremony, which was held in front of the Mukuranga District Hospital in Dar es Salaam, was attended by Turkish and Azerbaijani officials, ex-president of Tanzania Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Turkish Ambassador to the country Ali Davutoglu and TIKA's representative for Middle Asia and Caucasus Ali Ozgun Ozturk.

TIKA's aims are the procreation of the own social structure of the Turkic Republics, their construction of an identity in a sustainable way, and the remedy of deficiencies of their technical infrastructures. Many projects and activities in the fields of education, health, restoration, agricultural development, finance, tourism, and industry were realized by TIKA.

The organization carried out economic, social and cultural activities in its sister countries until 1995, after which it began to concentrate on cooperation in the field of education and culture.

Focusing on development collaboration, TIKA works in 100 countries, including the ones where their offices are located. Turkey shares her knowledge and experience through TIKA, with many countries from the Pacific to the Central Asia, from the Middle-East and Africa to the Balkans and from Caucasus to South America.