Ukrainian President announces concessions

Details are not out yet but the BBC news reports that, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych:
"...has agreed to an early presidential election as part of a deal to end the long-running crisis. He said he had also agreed to a national unity government, and to make constitutional changes reducing the power of the president. The compromise came after hours of talks with the opposition leaders.
"The opposition has not spoken about the deal and it remains unclear whether protesters will back it."
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, who is in Kiev, tells NPR’s Newscast Desk this:
"...along with the formation of a unity government and new elections by December, Yanukovych has agreed to "constitutional changes to reduce the power of the presidency.""
Reuters quotes one protester, Anton Solovyov, as saying he and others:
"...still want Yanukovych to resign immediately. "This is just another piece of paper," Solovyov says. "We will not leave the barricades until Yanukovich steps down. That's all people want.""