US billionaire conservationist to finance building airport near Serengeti

Article published BusinessWeek reveals that a US based billionaire conservationist, Paul Jones, has partnered with the government of Tanzania to construct a modern airport near Serengeti National Park.

Jones who has heavily invested in tourism and conservation in Tanzania has agreed to finance the construction of the airport which will serve to ease movement of tourists intended to tour the national park.

About Tsh50 billion ($30.8 million) has been set aside for the construction of the airport which would also help cut the time tourists spend to traveling from the nearest airport in Arusha to the national park and back to Arusha for departure.

Quoting Serengeti Constituency’s Member of Parliament, Dr Kebwe S. Kebwe:-
“We are planning to start construction of the airport this year in a town called Mugumu which is located 20-30 km from Serengeti National Park so as to ease the movement of tourists”

“The airport is going to be middle sized so that flights with the capacity of up to 60 passengers will be able to use it” 
“The availability of this airport will enable tourist from different parts of the world to land directly in Mugumu airport which will be only minutes away from wildlife in the park.”