US group denounces mayor’s trip to Tanzania citing human rights abuses

A local US political club, United Democrats of Southern Solano County is condemning Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis’ pending good-will trip to Tanzania, reports Jessica A. York for TimesHeraldOnline citing human rights abuses perpetuated by the country as cause for concern.

“Davis is set to join a delegation of Vallejo Sister City Association members and area business leaders in an eight-day trip to Tanzania and surrounding areas, beginning Feb. 22. Bagamoyo is one of six "sister cities" and is not the first country to be visited by a Vallejo government delegation.”
“Tanzania has a record of human rights abuses against LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) citizens, women, children, religious group including Christian, the disabled, various
 ethnicities and others”
the group is quoted as stated in its release issued on Friday.

On the same day, Davis questioned the motives saying when Tanzanian President H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete visited Vallejo in mid-September:
“Nobody said not a word," "Not one person demonstrated, not one person said anything, condemned his business or his country”
He asserted that the resolution seems to be a personal attack, referring to his past run-ins with Vallejo's LGBT community.

Davis said he does not endorse the condemnation or oppression of any group in any country. Many cities, states and countries hold values contrary to his beliefs, Davis said, but visiting those locales does not mean he endorses their practices.
“The point is, should we isolate ourselves from the world... The way in which you break down barriers between people... is you engage,” “I’m not going to do anything but city business (in Tanzania),”
Davis was quoted as saying.